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Why doing scent brand marketing

Scent branding is a particularly new way to brand fashion retail stores and luxury innovative and creative realities like GUCCI ,Hilton Hotel and so on. The Signature Scent, custom- designed to the brand, is used to evoke a creative mood, causing the customer to linger, hopefully creating brand loyalty or at least a memorable experience.


The scent is diffused through hidden high-tech professional scent diffuser, suitable for larger spaces and retail branded environments. Nowadays the in-store retail experience is crucial as more and more customers move to online shopping platforms. When they do visit the physical stores, the brand experience needs to be a memorable one.

The physical stores, from boutiques to department stores, from multi-brand stores to outlets, have been revolutionized by the internet, a place for definition out of time and space. So why keeping on investing in physical stores if the internet is taking up all the space?

Because we are human beings and the strongest and most authentic emotions are still felt in the physical universe, not in the virtual one.


Haute couture and niche perfumery, eyes and smell: in the integrated world of Gucci’s

flagships, smell is one of the declinations of style. So to choose a dress “has a completely different smell”. Buying in a store like Gucci is like giving yourself a DREAM. To enter into the store, it is like enjoying the pleasure of entering into a special world, even if only by capturing a sensation or emotion, caressing a detail.


Gucci, as well as having integrated a bespoke ambient scent into its stores around the world, has also recently created Gucci Garden, an exhibition space, boutique, bookshop and tavern, where customers can stop and buy a suit and have a snack or relax. The quintessence of luxury seems to be combining the brand’s image, a custom signature scent diffused in the store and also refined cuisine. The message, more or less, sounds like this: if you can make customers spend more pleasant time in store space, they are likely to spend more and identify themselves again in a world that they adore and which reflects their style.

Aroma from Europe, Only yours!



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